"PROJECT 3.8" Looks Pediatric Cancer In The Face

Oct 28, 2016

Robyn Ivy wants to re-brand pediatric cancer.

‘As a photographer, I’m hired to help solidify people’s brands. And so I started thinking about the brand of pediatric cancer. And my experience is that it has been under-represented,’ Ivy says.

Nobody wants to talk about sick kids, and national efforts to start the conversation play into parents’ fears when, Ivy thinks, the focus should be on kids’ resilience.

Robyn Ivy's work gives kids with cancer positive attention without the clinical gaze

Oct 25, 2016

‘When you have a kid with cancer, you feel incredibly invisible,’ Ivy said. She estimates there are about 125 children in Rhode Island each year actively receiving treatment. The smallness of this population creates limited opportunities for communal coping. ‘These families are eager to talk about this.’

PROJECT 3.8 launches to support pediatric cancer funding

Sep 22, 2016

Rhode Island State Police welcomed a crowd Thursday night, to admire ‘PROJECT 3.8,’ a photography exhibit showcasing Robyn Ivy’s portraits of 20 local children battling cancer.

Different faces. Same fight: PROJECT 3.8

Mar 2017; Vol. 18, No. 3

8-year-old Dorian Murray became the iconic face of paediatric cancer in 2016, when photographer Robyn Ivy’s portrait of him—elfin, bald-headed from chemotherapy, sporting boxing gloves and an expression of utter determination—made world news.

Exhibit in Dorian’s name raises awareness for pediatric cancer

Sep 22, 2016

‘I think we all know someone who has been touched by cancer,’ said State Police Col. Steven O’Donnell, speaking during one of his last appearances in uniform.

Dorian Murray’s Legacy Lives on with PROJECT 3.8

Jul 27, 2016

More than 15,000 children ages 0-19 are diagnosed with cancer in the United States each year, yet the amount of research funding that goes to finding a cure for pediatric cancer accounts for just 3.8% of all cancer research dollars, thus the name PROJECT 3.8.

#DStrong Sparks PROJECT 3.8

Oct 4, 2016

PROJECT 3.8 takes the concept of ‘pediatric cancer’ and makes it a living, human reality. Robyn’s photographs capture 19 other children from communities across Rhode Island – all in the same boxing glove pose that started with Dorian.

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