Donations for PROJECT 3.8 are made directly to the Dorian J. Murray Foundation.

The Foundation's mission is to support research of new medicines for kids with cancer, and to help those kids' families who are in need.



Be Someone's Hero, Like Dorian.

Cancer touches all of our lives.

Cancer does not care about ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religion or age. Cancer devastates individuals and families, leaving too many of our loved ones feeling hopeless.

But there is something we can do.

When we work together, we accomplish more than any of us can do on our own.

Every donation to PROJECT 3.8 — no matter the amount — will help carry The Faces of PROJECT 3.8 photography exhibit to venues across Rhode Island. At those venues and during those shows, the faces of children will touch hearts and spark action.


3.8% is not enough.

Did you know that of the NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE's $4.9 billion annual budget, just 3.8% supports pediatrics?

While raising billions of dollars feels beyond our wildest dreams, we have the power to make a difference — one gift and one family at a time.

  • Proceeds from each show will support local pediatric cancer research.
  • Proceeds from each show will help minimize the burdens families face during treatment.
  • Proceeds from each show will benefit the Dorian J. Murray Foundation, honoring Dorian's legacy.

We need your help to make it happen.

Consider a gift of $250 or $25 to realize Dorian's vision.

Together we will expand pediatric cancer research and provide families with support through their darkest of days. Sometimes the smallest of gestures — gas cards to get to and from chemotherapy treatment, family passes to a movie or coloring books while in clinic — make the biggest impact.


Thank you for your generosity!


About the Exhibit: The Faces of PROJECT 3.8

At present, all children featured in the exhibit live in Rhode Island. Meet the families.

They are treated at Hasbro Children’s Hospital.

Hasbro and other hospitals in Rhode Island see 60-75 newly diagnosed cases of pediatric cancers each year.

Due to lengthy treatment protocols, around 150 families each year receive treatment locally.

PROJECT 3.8 aims to make these realities known among all Rhode Islanders so that the community can rally together and address the needs of these families.


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